#Beirut “Freedom Never Comes for Free”

Photo taken by @arabianwalls in Nahr Beirut, Lebanon.


we said it: down with hamad!

as the government was having a campaign around the country with the word (we said it) preparing to complete the sentence with (Bahrain is Great) later on,
the rebels got the opportunity and expresses their demand on some signs of it with (we said it: DOWN WITH hamad & forever down with hamad!)!

submitted by Royal Mafia

#Bahrain 17th December Martyrs Day commemoration!

Bahrain’s flag (taken from Martyrs square in Feb) wrapping Reutersw√§rd’s "Non-Violence" sculpture aka The Knotted Gun at the World War II Memorial Centre for History & Peace in France.

these were taken two days ago to commemorate Bahrain’s Martyrs Day as a tribute to the strength of the peacefulness of the pearl revolution and it’s global reach.

Thanks to Reda for that post